Gone Girl

Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn

Psychotic.  This book was absolutely bananas.   It makes you sway teams back and forth the entire time, you'll dislike Amy then Nick then the parents but then don't hate Nick as much and then swing back to team Amy until you realize they're all flawed and you can find reasons not to like all of them.



I think that I liked Go the most. She was the only voice of reason in the whole group, and gets lost in the cuckoo.


One thing that bothered me is, they found NICK'S fingerprints on the purse that was found, but Amy said that DESI threw it out the window... so why where NICK'S fingerprints on it? They kept saying NICK'S fingerprints were all over the items in the shed, so they trusted fingerprint evidence so heavily but totally disregard the purse?

I kind of felt sorry for Desi, but kind of not.  He was obsessed. Didn't deserve to die, but was just as nutty as Amy.


Amy's parents were just perplexing.  They pretty much made me figure that's how psychologists are... more interested in the subject than actually dealing with human being.  They floated in and out like a couple of dizzy teenagers.  I really believed they loved their daughter, but I don't think they liked the idea of dirtying themselves with actual parenting, hoping that getting her in the right school and 'normal' activities will make it all sort itself out.  They never bothered "KNOWING" their child, which is why she needed so desperately for Nick to know her.  Her parents, in writing the books were constantly inadvertently telling Amy she was wrong, everything that she did was wrong, which is why she felt as though she had to be constantly right.  They created this monster and they didn't have to endure the product of their horribly parenting.

The ending kind of annoyed me.  I guess after that crazy ride, I wanted a neater ending... not a big question mark after "The End", and Michael Jackson turning his face towards the TV with Thriller eyes while Vincent Price's laughter fades to dark.  I don't know if I would recommend this book, probably because it was so crazy and reading it just made me shake my head and wonder how many people are like Amy in the world, and then think, thank goodness I hate being social, because I have less of a chance encountering Crazy like that.

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