Running Scared - Lisa Jackson

Running Scared - Lisa Jackson

I reached the end, and I'm not sure how I feel about this book.


I liked the character building of Daegan and his twisted family, but I don't like how neatly all the loose ends were tied up in the end. But at the same time, I like that the main characters had happy endings, and the bad guys bit it, but I guess because that's not how reality works, it kind of made me give it the side eye.

The entire ending seemed a little rushed, but for the life of me, I don't know how I would change it.

A couple things that were weird to me:

Jon could get these visions, but he never tried to CHANGE his future. He saw himself running though Boston, and KNEW that someone was going to find him and put a gun in his back at a certain area, so why didn't he keep going?!?

He knew he was going to be handcuffed, but he walks right up to someone that is OBVIOUSLY not from his area?

I really liked Daegan, I wanted him to be happy in the end and I'm glad that he was in the end, but that whole snow sex scene seemed to come out of nowhere. Don't get me wrong, it was hot as hell, but it didn't seem to flow right in the context of what was going on.


Kate, I'm neutral on. I really didn't have any feelings about her. I was more like, if she made Daegan happy, then good.  I really didn't care if she found happiness she seemed 2 dimensional to me so I didn't get vested.


Bibi seemed like a rich chick caricature, didn't have many thoughts about her and honestly, I couldn't get a good picture of what she looked like in my head. I think I settled on a rich bitch Betty Davis type person.

Daegan's mother is a fool.  To choose a man like Frank over her own son disgusted me.  I did NOT want a happy ending for her!

(show spoiler)

All and all, it's a fun read, I really, really hope there aren't families out there like the Sullivans, but sadly, I'm sure there are.

You know what? Maybe the fact that I actually had opinions on the characters, and things annoyed me and even at times, made me feel bad for Jon and Daegan, maybe the book is better than I realize?