The Coldest War - Ian Tregillis

The Coldest War - Ian Tregillis

Finished reading this one last night, the writing style pulls you right in and and takes you on a ride that doesn't seem to end.... until you realize the end is really THE END.




I think the characters I felt the worse for, were Klaus, Gwendolyn and Will.  Will's heart was in the right place, it just never went the way he intended. It shows you the importance of just being honest with the people you're with.  If they leave, they leave, but if they find out you've been lying, they'd probably leave anyway.


Poor Klaus, he was a little boy with a good heart and just got screwed over and over and over by his sociopathic sister.  His big downfall is that he still thinks Gretel has feelings like normal people and thinks that one day she'll come around.  Klaus.  She's dead inside, she's always been like that.  Just leave her behind!


I wonder if the Nazi doctor that started all this knew what was going to happen, if he would still go through with it.



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I really enjoyed this book and wish I didn't wait so long to read this one after I read Bitter Seeds. It's not a deal breaker if you didn't read the first one, but you get a bigger understanding of what's going on.  

Now, onto Necessary Evil!  I wasn't going to read that one right away, but I gotta find out how this ends!