Something More than Night - Ian Tregillis

Something More Than Night - Ian Tregillis

I started this book not knowing ANYTHING about it. I read it because I loved the Milkweed Triptych and wanted to read more from this author.


This book was nothing like his previous three, completely different feel,even the reading style was different. Over and over again, I likened it to having a really really rich dessert. You want to keep eating it, but you have to take breaks because of the richness.  It's very cerebral, sometimes I found myself re-reading some sections because the descriptions were so heavy, I wanted to be sure I was able to take it all in.


Bayliss really was a trip! Sometimes i really liked how he talked but sometimes, it was just obnoxious, as were his jokes.  He just never took anything seriously and it really annoyed me, but I realized by the end, it's because he just didn't give a shit about Molly.  Molly was just a tool to get what he wanted, just another monkey.

I really liked that Molly was able to fix Ria and Martin, I just wish she could have been happy at the end, too, but I guess by then she would be so far removed from earth that it will be ok.

It would have made more sense for humans to become angels anyway, because they may actually CARE about Earth instead of letting it go to shit like the last residents did.

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I really liked the concept of memories being tangible, like objects, and the Magisterium concept was really cool. I don't know how he comes up with this stuff, but he has a style of writing  that can paint an image in your head of something that you've never even seen before, which is really a feat.


All and all I enjoyed this book.  I probably won't read it again, because it's so heavy, but it was really a unique ride into the celestial realm