Secrets Will Kill

Secrets Will KIll - Vivian Rios The first 200 pages just were hard to get through.It's probably just not my preferred style of writing. The word usage became really redundant (every time they kissed, someone moaned in someone's mouth) and I don't know why, but the over use of the word 'prepared' annoyed me. The fact that everyone was good looking kind of made my eyes roll, Why wasn't anyone average or weathered or gruff?If you took the romantic aspect out of the story, the rest wasn't too bad. I liked the characters on the dark side.I think that if you are looking for a book that makes you think that somewhere someday you're going to find a tall handsome strong "do everything right" man and fall in love and get engaged before the seasons change, this is the book for you.I personally like reality with all it's scars and flaws. I just didn't enjoy this book at all.